DHBVN Customer Care Numbers

DHBVN Customer Care Numbers

DHBVN Customer Care Helpline & E-mail Support

Electricity Supply Complaint Number1912 (or)
1800-180-4334 (Toll Free)
WhatsApp Complaint 8813999708
Theft Information 1800-180-1011 (Toll Free) Or
01662-221527 (BSNL Landline)

E-mail Support [email protected]

Head Office

Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam
Vidyut Sadan,
Vidyut Nagar,
Hisar -125005

Public Grievance Redressal

Contact No: 01662-223081

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Metering & Protection Contact Numbers

Name of OfficeContact Number
Superintending Engineer,
M&P Circle, Hisar
XEN M&P Divn. Hisar01662-220299
Fax: 01662-220299
AE M&T Lab9992117154
XEN M&P Divn., Gurgaon0124-2340245
AEE M&T Lab0124-2340245
XEN M&P Divn., Faridabad0129-2243010
Fax: 0129-2242680
AE /M&T Lab09540954926
XEN M&P Divn., Bhiwani01664-244136
Fax :01664-244136

Hisar Circle Contact Numbers

Name of Office Contact Number Contact Number E-mail Address
Chief Engineer ‘Operations’ Hisar 01662-223302 9050322275[email protected]
Superintending Engineer OP 01662-232629 9812221710[email protected]
Xen Division I, Hisar 01662-237853 9812221711[email protected]
CCC, City S/D, HSR 01662-232586 9812600418[email protected]
CCC, C/Line S/D,HSR 01662-237548 9812221724[email protected]
Xen Division II, Hisar 01662-234324 9812452598[email protected]
S/D Satrod 01662-220074 9812452599[email protected]
S/D Barwala 01693-242064 9812452616[email protected]
S/D Adampur 01669-242268 9812452607[email protected]
Sub Office Agroha 01669-242268 9812452626[email protected]
Sub Office Balsamnd 01662-264427 9812452627[email protected]
Xen Divn. Hansi. 01663-254142 9812201236[email protected]
S/D City Hansi 01663-254048 9812201237[email protected]
S/U S/D Hansi 01663-259200 9812452645[email protected]
S/D Mundhal 01254-235232 9812452638[email protected]
S/D Narnaund 01663-233223 9812452631[email protected]
Sub Office Umra 01663-289339 8222811269[email protected]
Sub Office Sisai 01663-232354 98124-52658 [email protected]
Superintending Engineer Works
XEN Works, Hisar 01662-223302 8813001707[email protected]
AGM/Works O/o CGM/Op, Hsr 01662-223302 8059888543

Sirsa Circle Contact numbers

Name of Office Contact Number Contact Number E-mail Address
Superintending Engineer 01666-238453 9812190009[email protected] .in
Xen City Division 01666-238405 9812063013[email protected] n
I/A S/Divn. Sirsa 01666-238409 9812063014[email protected] g.in
City S/Divn. Sirsa 01666-238407 9812063015[email protected]
OP Sub Divn. Panjuana 01666-252536 9812452822[email protected]
OP S/Divn. Ding 01666-273884 9812452815[email protected]
OP S/Divn. Madho Singhana 01666-274315 9812452804[email protected]
Xen S/U Division 01666-238436 9812215200[email protected]
S/U Sub Divn.Sirsa 01666-238410 9812215214[email protected] n
OP’ Sub Divn. Rania 01698-250346 9812452779[email protected]
OP’ Sub Divn. Ellenabad 01698-220049 9812452797[email protected] n
OP’ S/Divn. Nathusari 01666-256138 9812452788[email protected]
OP’ S/Divn. Jeewan Nagar 01698-272992 9812452770[email protected] n
Xen OP’ Divn. Dabwali 01668-226083 9812452800[email protected]
OP’ S/Divn. Dabwali 01668-227173 9812452831[email protected]
OP’ S/Divn. Kalanwali 01696-222005 9812452841[email protected]
OP’ S/Divn. Chautala 01668-289365 9812452853[email protected]

Bhiwani Circle Contact Numbers

Name of OfficeContact NumberContact Number
XEN City Bhiwani01664-2428019812063022
City S/Divn. BWN01664-2428059812063023
S/U No.1 BWN01664-2428039812063024
S/U No.2 BWN01664-2421099812063025
SDO OP. B/Khera01254-2330309812452760
Tosham No.II
XEN Sub Urban Bhiwani01664- 2423409812452743
OP. S/Divn. Jui01664-2625329812452756
OP.S/Divn. Loharu01252-2582469812452744
OP S/Divn. Siwani01255-2773229812452749
OP. S/Divn. Behal01255-2653579812452752
OP. S/Divn. D/Jattan01252-2577469812452759
XEN Charkhi Dadri01250-2201429812451203
City S/D Dadri01250-2200989812452728
S/U S/D Dadri01250-2204939812452732
S/D Sanjarwas01250-2474349992334184
S/D Jhoju Kalan01250-2630448607500167
S/D Badhra (Atela)01252-2533889812452739

Jind Circle Contact Numbers

Name of OfficeContact Number Contact NumberE-mail
Superintending Engineer 01681-245001 8221901461[email protected]
XEN/OP Division Jind 01681-225537 Fax 8221901451[email protected]
OP Sub Divn. Jind 01681-225645 8221901452[email protected]vn.org.in
OP S/U S/D. No.1 01681-225518 8221901453[email protected]
OP S/U S/D. No.II 01681-225866 8221901454[email protected]
OP Sub Divn. Julana 01681-274093 8221901455[email protected]
OP Sub Divn. Naguran 01681-284139 8221901456[email protected]
XEN/OP Division Narwana 01684-240320 8221901467[email protected]
OP Sub Divn. City Narwana 01684-242036 8221901468[email protected]
OP S/U Sub Divn. Narwana 01684-242106 8221901469[email protected]
OP Sub Divn. Uchana 01684-230312 8221901470[email protected]
OP Sub Divn.Garhi 01684-260056 8221901471[email protected]
XEN/OP Division Safidon 01686-262057 8221901457[email protected]
OP Sub Divn. Safidon 01686-262061 8221901458[email protected]
OP Sub Divn. S/U Safidon 01686-262303 8221901459[email protected]
OP Sub Divn. Pillukhera 01686-268249 8221901460[email protected]

Fatehabad Circle Contact Numbers

Name of Office Contact Number Contact Number E-Mail
Superintending Engineer OP 01667-223777 01667-223264 9813777244[email protected]
Xen Divn. Fatehabad 01667-220070 9812201244[email protected]
City S/D F. Bad 01667-220088 9812201245[email protected]
S/U S/D F.Bad 01667-220988 9812452676[email protected]
S/D City Ratia 01697-250036 9812452682[email protected]
S/U S/D Ratia 01697-250283 9812452689[email protected] n
S/D Bhattu 01667-252235 9812452695[email protected]
Sub Office Badopal 01667-2285244 9812452699[email protected]
Xen Divn. Tohana 01692-220060 9812452702[email protected] in
S/D City Tohana 01692-230030 9812452703[email protected]
S/D Bhuna 01667-242038 9812452719[email protected]
S/D Uklana 01693-233079 9812452713[email protected]
S/D Jakhal 01692-252240 9812452724[email protected]
S/U S/D Tohana 01692-230467 9812452708[email protected] rg.in

Gurgaon Circle Contact Numbers

Name of Office Contact NumberContact NumberEmail Address
Chief Engineer/OP Delhi Zone 011-28313780

[email protected]
AE/Works Delhi 011-28313780 9540954814

Superintending Engineer/OP Circle, Gurugram-I

Superintending Engineer 0124-2322427 Fax- 2306590
[email protected]
XEN City Divn., GGN 0124-2320971 9540954931[email protected]
S/Divn. CCC IDC, GGN 0124-2322339 09540954932 [email protected] dhbvn.org.in
S/D CCC New Colony,GGN 0124-2382364 09540954933 sdoopnewcolonygurugram @dhbvn.org.in
S/Divn. CCC Kadipur, GGN 0124-2320821 09540954934 [email protected]
S/Divn. New Palam Vihar, 0124-2467300 7840003575[email protected] org.in
XEN OP Divn Manesar, Sector-31, Gurgaon 0124-2380242 Fax -2380247 9540954800[email protected]
S/Divn. Manesar, GGN 0124-2337209 9540954804[email protected]
S/Divn. Bhorakalan, GGN 0124-2379527 09540954801 [email protected]
S/Divn. Pataudi, GGN 0124-2672603 08059888667 [email protected]
S/Divn. Farukhnagar, GGN 0124-2375233 08059888655 [email protected]
XEN Works Gurgaon 0124-2220761
[email protected]

Superintending Engineer/OP Circle, Gurugram-II

Superintending Engineer 0124-2582106 9873002543[email protected]
XEN Sub Urban Divn., GGN 0124-2382363 9540954900[email protected]
S/Divn. CCC Maruti, GGN 0124-2343317 9540954901[email protected]
S/Divn. CCC DLF, GGN 0124-2340194 9540954902[email protected]
S/D. CCC South City, GGN 0124-2381107 9540954903[email protected]
XEN OP Divn. Sohna 0124- 2362344 08059888451 [email protected]
Sub Divn Sohna 0124-2362355 8059888452[email protected]
Sub Divn Taoru 01267-251267 8059888453[email protected]
S/Divn. Badshahpur, GGN 0124-2361238 9540954904[email protected]
S/Divn. Sohna Road, GGN 0124-2218363 9540954892[email protected]

Faridabad Circle Contact Numbers

Name of Office Contact Number Contact Number E-mail
Superintending Engineer/OP 0129-2233277 9540954700[email protected]
XEN Works FBD 0129-2233396 9540950739[email protected]
XEN/OP NIT FBD 0129-2233377 9540954701[email protected]
No.1 S/D, FARIDABAD 0129-2415693 9540954704[email protected]
No.2 S/D, FARIDABAD 0129-2417432 9540954702[email protected]
No.3 S/D, FARIDABAD 0129-2230900 9540954703[email protected]
No.5 S/D, FARIDABAD 0129-2412492 9540954705[email protected]
J/Colony, FARIDABAD 0129-2470141 9540954706[email protected] g.in
XEN/OP, Greater FBD 0129-2244474 9718599180[email protected]
Chhainsa 0129-2209217 8059938650[email protected]
Kheri Kalan S/D 0129-2229337 9540954972[email protected]
Badrola S/D 0129-2401240 9540954828[email protected]
Tilpat, Faridabad 0129-2250151 7290047249[email protected]
XEN/OP Old FBD 0129-22862519540954967[email protected]
East S/D, FARIDABAD 0129-2288001 09540954968 [email protected] n
West, S/D, FARIDABAD 0129-2292980 9540954969[email protected]
M.Road, FARIDABAD 0129-2275541 9540954970[email protected] .in
No.4 S/D, FARIDABAD 0129-2412547 9540954971[email protected]
XEN/OP Balbgarh 0129-2212161 9540954822[email protected]
I/Area S/D, B.Garh 0129-2244317 9540954823[email protected]
City I S/D, B.Garh 0129-2247257 9540954825[email protected]
City II, S/D. B.Garh 0129-2241293 9540954826[email protected]
S/U S/D, B.Garh 0129-2307252 9540954824[email protected] org.in
Pali S/D 0129-2470301 9540954827[email protected]

Narnaul Circle Contact Numbers

Name of Office Contact Number Contact Number E-Mail
Superintending Engineer 01282-2512968059888333[email protected]
Xen ‘OP’Divn. Narnaul. 01282-251347 8059888334[email protected]
City S/Divn. Narnaul 01282-251291 8059888336[email protected]
S/U S/Divn. Narnaul 01282-251219 8059888335[email protected]
OP’ S/Divn. Nangal Choudhary 01282-278436 8059888338[email protected]
OP’ S/Divn. Ateli 01282-276582 8059888337[email protected]
Xen OP’ Divn. Mohindergarh 01285-220281 8059888300[email protected]
City S/Divn. M.Garh 01285-220261 8059888301[email protected]
S/U S/Divn. M.Garh 01285-220212 8059888302[email protected]
OP’ S/Divn. Kanina 01285-235120 8059888303[email protected]
OP’ S/Divn. Sihma 01285-2 8059888303[email protected]
Sub Office Satnali 01285-231022 8199995711[email protected]

Rewari Circle Contact Numbers

Name of Office Contact Number Contact Number E-mail
Superintending Engineer 01274-250541 8607075900[email protected]
Xen ‘OP’ Divn. Rewari 01274-2547629992111808[email protected]
City S/Divn.No.1 Rewari 01274-225174 9992111802[email protected]
City S/Divn.No.2 Rewari 01274-225280 9992111803[email protected]
S/U S/Divn. Rewari 01274-256149 9992111804Sdoopsuburbanrewari @dhbvn.org.in
Xen ‘OP’ Divn. Kosli 01259-275930 01259-275830 8059989393[email protected]
OP’ S/Divn. Kosli 01274-275029 9992111806[email protected]
OP’ S/Divn. Pallawas 01281-245845 9992111807Sdooppalhawas @dhbvn.org.in
OP’ S/Divn. Barauli 01274-238629 9992111805[email protected]
Xen OP Division Dharuhera 01283-242103 9992110806[email protected] org.in
Sub Divn. Dharuhera 01283-242258 9992110807[email protected]
Sub Divn. Bawal 01283-260041 9992110816[email protected]
Sub Divn. Pali Gothra 01283-236878 9992110814[email protected]
Xen Works Rewari

[email protected]

Palwal Circle Contact numbers

Name of Office Contact Number Contact Number E-mail
Superintending Engineer/OP 01275-255009 FAX-242536 8059051999[email protected]
XEN OP Divn Palwal 01275-252105 8059888222[email protected]
City S/D, Palwal 01275-252215 8059888221[email protected]
S/U S/D, Palwal 01275-252107 8059888223[email protected] g.in
Sub Office Deeghot
8059888391[email protected]
XEN OP Divn NUH 01267-274530 Fax -274674 08059888366 [email protected]
Sub Divn Nuh 01267-271233 8059888367[email protected]
S/Divn. Ferozpur Jhirka, 01268-277239 8059888368[email protected] n
S/Divn. Punhana, 01268-272238 8059888369[email protected]
S/Divn. Nagina
08059888377 8059938703 [email protected]
XEN OP Divn Hodel
9050071444[email protected]
S/Divn Hodel 01275-235521 8059888224[email protected]
S/Divn. Hassanpur 01275-271225 8059888219[email protected]
Sub Divn Hathin 01275-271225 8059888388[email protected]
Sub Office Mandkola
8059888408[email protected]